img 1To promote tax campaign in grassroots SUPRO planned to capacitate grassroots campaigners in 45 districts. As a capacity building initiative SUPRO also planned to develop a training module. A two days long workshop was organized from 29-30 January 2014 to gather basic information and ideas about tax and vat relates issues and to formulate a draft content and outline on which a training module will be developed.
SUPRO Director Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the opening session.  In opening Session SUPRO Chairperson Mustafizur Rahman Khan deliberate opening speech and explained SUPRO’s background and activities. He mentioned SUPRO is a network of grassroots organization. Associate Country Director of Oxfam Mr. Arie Schuurmans deliberates inauguration speech and inaugurates the two day workshop. He urged tax justice is an important development issue. He also mentioned that it is important to make a good relation with Government for insuring tax justice advocacy.

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img 1Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO is one of the pioneer organizations working in budget advocacy in Bangladesh. Considering budget advocacy as heavy task of pushing the government to be in track for ensuring economic, social and cultural rights for all equally, SUPRO thinks that in addition of having stronger network in districts, a national level alliance on budget advocacy is crucial to convey unified messages on the need of resource allocation and utilization for people centered development. Such a national alliance can also make the voice stronger and hearable to bring about changes in reality.

In the realization SUPRO has built up an Alliance named Budget Alliance Group (BAG) in 2010 with national level organizations for undertaking some joint activities to bring attention to the policy makers for pro poor budgeting and ensure maximum of its utilization. For strengthening Budget Alliance Group capacity in budget campaign and advocacy SUPRO organized a Two-day Training Program on ‘Budget Governance & Advocacy’.  
Objective of the Training is to sharpen knowledge & understanding about budget cycle, budget monitoring, budget allocation and various concept of budget terminology and to equip with knowledge and skills on budge campaign and advocacy.

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SUPRO-Campaign for Good Governance started its mission of Budget Campaign for Pro-poor, decentralized and participatory district budget since 2003. Last one decade, SUPRO has popularized the issue to the grassroots people and made them sensitized through various interventions both at national and district level.  Now SUPRO is working in 45 districts in Bangladesh with 600 more networking members and has made strong demands of district budget through raising grassroots voices. To lead this movement, SUPRO has initiated various capacity building activities for both individual and institution.

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