img 1To aware and to orient the grassroots campaigners especially district secretaries SUPRO organized one-day-long orientation on using the digital tutorial in the budget advocacy into two batches for secretariat staff and district secretaries so that they can aware and orient the grassroots campaigners at their constituencies. The batches were held on 18 & 19 October 2015 respectively at STAR Center of SUPRO Office at Moahammadpur, Dhaka where 56 participants (male-46 female-10) from 43 districts and secretariat were attended. The sessions were conducted by resource persons from RedOrange and from the SUPRO STAR Centre.   
During the orientation sessions they receive the clear idea and knowledge about the digital tools (Video & Website ). They also learn the techniques how to use those in the budget advocacy in practical field specially grassroots level. The participants share their different ideas and opinion and enriched the sessions with their different views during the open discussion session.