Health is my right: stop commercialization of health sector

World Health Day-SUPRO 7 April 2010, World Health Day. To observe the day Sushashoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO organized various campaign activities in different 45 districts and in Dhaka. This year SUPRO’s theme and slogan on world health day was-Health is my right: Stop commercialization of health sector and enhance competence of the public health sector.

On the occasion Sushashoner Jonny Procharavizan-SUPRO organized a human chain in front of south plaza of national parliament building where about 250 participants from different like minded NGOs, Dhaka Campaign group, and students’ forum joined and expressed solidarity with the popular demands for ensuring health rights for all.
World Health Day-SUPRO The programme started with the speech by Mr. Shahidullah, Deputy Director of SUPRO when he spoke on the health rights situation of the country.Mousumi Biswas from SUPRO read out the demands of SUPRO. The demands included:

  • Ensuring immediate appointment of doctors and nurses in the vacant posts;
  • Ensuring specialized doctors-nurses in all health centers;
  • Ensuring special budgetary allocation for vulnerable and disaster-prone area;
  • Ensuring increased budgetary allocation in health sector (at least 5% of GDP);
  • Decentralizing the public health care system;
  • Enhancing competence of public health care system; and
  • Halting privatization and commercialization of health sector.




Ensure Equal Rights Opportunities for Development

Sushashoner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO) observed the International Women Day-2010 with full enthusiasm and great exertion through a Human Chain and Cultural Program. Moreover, SUPRO as a forum of grassroots NGOs has celebrated the Day together with district committee at 45 districts throughout the country. To observe this historical day, SUPRO organized the human chain event on 08 March 2010 at 11 AM in front of the National Museum, Shahbagh, Dhaka where discussion on the issues, cultural program including songs and street drama on women rights were being displayed.  Various like minded NGOs, Dhaka Campaign Group & Students Forum expressed their solidarity through their warm participation at the event.

Uma Chowdhury, Director, Mohammad Shahid Ullah, Deputy Director, Dr. Mustafizur Rahman, Mousumi Bishash, Alim-Al-Razy & Sara Zaman from SUPRO secretariat delivered their speech and demand in the Chain.  Facilitated by Kazi Shafiqur Rahman, members of Dhaka Campaign Group also expressed solidarity by delivering their speech at the Chain. Highlighting the theme of Day ‘Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress for All’ all speakers came into the point that economic development, poverty reduction and children & family development, progressive state of the country certainly depends on women empowerment. Women are still incapable to get the ownership of land and excluded from the decision making process at the family, society and national level. Even sometimes they become immobilized to make decision over her income. The participation rate of women in policy making at the family, society and National level is also very poor as the speakers stated furthermore.

On the other hand, the entire speakers expressed gratefulness and thanks to the present government for undertaking some significant decisions especially on women’s issues like formulation of Women Policy, free cost education for women up to degree level, maternal & child health improvement initiative, credit facilities for women entrepreneurship and women’s replacement at national position of policy making. From the human chain, all speakers emphasized for coordinated cooperative role of male-female to ensure equal rights & equal opportunities at all levels. In this connection, they expressed their demand to intermingle reformed constitutional rules, international laws & policy to ensure women rights. Celebrating 100 year of International Women Day, SUPRO demands for:

  • Abolish all the discriminatory laws and implement CEDAW.
  • Considering women policy, design work plan & implement accordingly.
  • Ensure equal rights of women on the ownership of land.
  • Ensure rights of disable women in all levels.
  • Ensure wage for women worker as per work.
  • Recognize women’s labor in agricultural sector.
  • Recognize women’s contribution both in formal & informal sector.
  • Awareness program on gender sensitivity should be more strengthen.
  • Direct election in preserved constituency should be ensured.
  • Initiative for empowerment of female members of the local government should be taken.

Building National Alliance for International Poverty Alleviation Day

On the occasion of marking the International Poverty Alleviation Day on October 17, this year in 2009, ‘Daridro Birodhi Moncha’* (Anti Poverty platform of 16 Non Government Organizations and Civil Society Networks of Bangladesh) undertook a week long plan of different campaign activities from 12-18 October’09 to create louder voice and put pressure on the policy makers to take action on poverty and to meet and exceed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The week long plan included events  of campaign launching press conference, discussion meetings,human chain, mass gathering followed by discussion meeting and cultural performace on issue of poverty and state responsibility thereon.

In addition to the events organized by the platform, the individual organizations of the platform had also their separate activities based on various thematic issues as focused by the relevant organization. Accordingly, apart from representing in the platform, SUPRO had its own week long campaign activities across the country.

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