Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2012 of SUPRO is held on 11 Januray 2013 at YWCA Auditorium, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. At the AGM presided by Chairperson Mutafizur Rahman Khan, SUPRO General Secretary Arifur Rahman welcome all members. The AGM was devided into two session. 1st session was inaugural and welcome session where all SUPRO members, Secretariat Staff and repesentative of Oxfam Novib (Mr. Dhana Ranjan Tripura) participated. The 2nd session was core sessions, organizational where only SUPRO members participated. Annual Program Report 2012 and Annual Fincial Statement 2012 of SUPRO were presented in the core session and approved those by all members. Therefore Program Plan for 2013 was placed and approved at the AGM.

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Speakers said in a Human Chain

To protest against the unjust debt and foreign aid and undue interference of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like WB, IMF and ADB, Sushasoner Jonny Pracharavizan -SUPRO organized a Human Chain on 3 July, 2012 in front of   National Press Club. Dhaka Campaign Group and other like-minded organizations expressed their solidarity in the human chain. Criticizing WB’s recent decision to withdraw padma bridge loan, speakers told that World Bank is itself a non-transparent and autocratic organization. They also told World Bank has ultimately taken its position against mass people rather than corruption by declaring withdrawn of loan for Padma Bridge.

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Media Freedom Helping to Transform Society

Media plays an important role for a positive change of society especially to changes of life of grassroots and marginalized people. A free press provides a window through which all other abuses of fundamental rights can be revealed. Journalist and press play an active role to provide news and information to the society. But in least developed countries or where governance institutions are weak, journalists suffered a lot, sometimes at the cost of their lives collect news and information. In its various campaign and advocacy, SUPRO integrate news and information of press. On the other hand, journalists always extend their cooperation for dissemination of the campaign information and for effective advocacy.

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