img 1Aiming to share lesson learnt and outcomes of the project ‘Our Money Our Budget Universal Access to the Public Services’ among development partners, policy stakeholders, district campaigners, media and other relevant stakeholders SUPRO organized 3 workshops in a row on the date of 12, 13 & 14 December 2015. The 1st day workshops was designed for district campaigners specially for district secretaries of 28 districts where  the 2nd day workshop was for external stakeholders like budget alliance group, donors, development partners, CSOs and NGOs and Media representatives. The last day was only for SUPRO’s policy leaders. All 3 workshops were held at SUPRO STAR centre.
A total numbers of 87 participants (male-72, female-15) were attended the lesson learnt sharing workshop.
In the workshop a powerpoint presentation was presented by Md. Shariful Islam, Coordinator, SUPRO and Alison Subrata Baroi, Director, SUPRO.  The presentation contains the outputs, results, learnings, challenges and lastly some recommendations are driven from the workshops.


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