img 1The mission of SUPRO is to facilitate CSOs and Citizen Actors for collective actions towards establishing economic, social, cultural, political and environmental rights as well as to bring about accountable and transparent governance system in different spheres of the society. So the capacity building is the key area of SUPRO especially the building capacity of grassroots and natural leaders. On this back drop SUPRO organized a two-day-long training workshop for policy leaders (grassroots leaders) and the secretariat staff from 28 to 29 December 2015 at STAR Centre, SUPRO office, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.
A total number of 26 participants where 20.male and 06 female participated the training workshop.
The two day long training workshop was divided into 6 main sessions, 3 sessions in each day that contain knowledge on web-based technologies, uses of web-based technology, importance of it and how to use those and what approach would be commence to do advocacy using those. The second days was on resource mobilization, how to mobilize resources by using the web-based technology etc. CB Coordinator Md. Shariful Islam and Alison Subrato Baroi, Director conducted the sessions applying different methods and techniques.