img 1Tax Justice Campaign is a core program of SUPRO. Over the years SUPRO has been placing urge to the government to formulate pro poor tax system.  In this context, SUPRO, in collaboration with the Oxfam Novib and the CRAFT consortium has developed the research proposal on fair tax index in line with other two countries (Senegal and Uganda). To be more specific, SUPRO is now going to do Fair Tax Index (FTI)-research.As the final part of the process, SUPRO organized an idea generation workshop under this research project on 27th June from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in STAR Centre, SUPRO.
Mr. M. A. Mazid, Ex Chairman of NBR and Present Chairman of Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited and Mr. Towfiq from CPD were the valued discussant. Along them National Council Members of SUPRO, Researchers, Specialists and Development Partners were also present there


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