img 1Capacity building is a continuous process to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills. Aiming to (i) review and renew of knowledge and understanding; (ii) to learn each other experiences, best practices and challenges; and (ii) to develop future course of strategy and actions, SUPRO organized 2 refreshers training workshops held on 13th and 15th June 2015 respectively at the SUPRO secretariat. 13 NC Members, 18 district Secretaries and 6 secretariat staff ( 30 male and 7 female) attended the workshops.

The events highlighted the discussions on updated data and information related to tax policy, systems, utilization of tax for the welfare of state and citizen, process of tax collection & payment, unwillingness of tax payment, tax evasion, illicit financial flow-transfer pricing, trade mispricing, black money whitening and money laundering. All these discussions moved around in the perspective of progressivity, equality and pro-poor. SUPRO director Alison Subrata Baroi, Training Coordinator Md. Shariful Islam, Campaign Coordinator Shakera Nahar and Associate Coordinator Md. Areful Islam, among others, took part as facilitators.  Moreover 2 presentations of two projects one is in titled ‘Our Money Our Budget Universal Access to Public Services’ and another is ‘Promoting Tax Justice in Bangladesh (CRAFT)’ was presented by concern project focal.


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