img 1To promote tax campaign in grassroots SUPRO planned to capacitate grassroots campaigners in 45 districts. As a capacity building initiative SUPRO also planned to develop a training module. A two days long workshop was organized from 29-30 January 2014 to gather basic information and ideas about tax and vat relates issues and to formulate a draft content and outline on which a training module will be developed.
SUPRO Director Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the opening session.  In opening Session SUPRO Chairperson Mustafizur Rahman Khan deliberate opening speech and explained SUPRO’s background and activities. He mentioned SUPRO is a network of grassroots organization. Associate Country Director of Oxfam Mr. Arie Schuurmans deliberates inauguration speech and inaugurates the two day workshop. He urged tax justice is an important development issue. He also mentioned that it is important to make a good relation with Government for insuring tax justice advocacy.

Dhana Ranjan Tripura, Policy and Campaign Officer; Oxfam Novib; M A Quader, EB Member, SUPRO; Hosneara Hasi, EB Member, SUPRO; Sharifa Khatun, National Council Member, SUPRO; Madhab Chandra Dutta, National Council Member, SUPRO and Secretariat Staff were present as participant.  

img 2img 3Dr. Md. Jafar Uddin, Associate Director, Administration, Monitoring and Investigation, BRAC; Meftha Uddin Khan, Director General, BCS Tax Academy, Bangladesh;  Pijush kanti Nath, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Bangladesh and Serajud Dahar Khan, Chairperson, AOC were present as resource person.  

They focused on their lectures on the following concept and issues:

Historical perspectives of tax collection, tax system of Bangladesh, definition of Tax and VAT, types of tax, Classification of Indirect Tax, NBR tax, non-NBR tax, Benefits of Tax, Tax Policy Patterns, Constitutional Obligations in regards of tax, Tax Policy Formulation Agents, Tax Policy Formulation Flow, Tax Policy Formulation Interactions, Tax Gaps, TAX Citizen Charter.

After completion of lecture sessions, some outputs are come out from group works and brainstorming.  And thus a draft outline was formed and a draft content of module was developed.


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