At present, Bangladesh is prevailing low incidence of HIV and AIDS, even though Bangladesh is at high risk country due to poverty, migrant labor issue, increasing number of drug users  etc. Under this circumstance, SUPRO is in process to develop it’s Policy Paper considering three different aspects, these are- Program, SUPRO members and SUPRO Secretariat Staff.  Thus, SUPRO came forward realizing the Workshop on Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS

need and engaged themselves in taking several interventions and now have decided to formulate HIV and AIDS Policy Paper as part of its organizational commitment and sustainability towards its initiative. SUPRO organized a two days workshop at STAR Center, SUPRO on March 14 & 15, 2013 for drafting a policy paper on HIV/AIDS for SUPRO. 24 NC Members of SUPRO participated in the workshop and a draft policy paper has been developed through huge discussion and group work. This draft will be finalized soon and will be published.