Stop Interference of World Bank in Climate Fund and Five-Year Planning of Bangladesh; Demand for reparation from WB, IMF and ADB for the losses of our Water and Natural Resources caused by their projects
Sushasoner Jonny Pracharavizaan-SUPRO organized a Human Chain on 8th October, 2010 at 11 A.M. in front of National Press Club, Dhaka on the eve of Annual Meeting of IMF and World Bank on 8-9 October 2010.

The speakers of the Human Chain strongly demanded reparation from WB, IMF and ADB for excessive losses of water, forest and land resources of Bangladesh due to climate change and aid trade. They further demanded to ensure the rights of people especially to access essential services including water, power, education and health rights instead of commercialization and privatization. The government should improve their capacities to deliver these services rather than relying on the foreign agencies.

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No Foreign Aid; Proper utilization of Internal Resources, Tax Revenue & Foreign Remittances and Local Level Planning and Implementation Emphasized
Sushasoner Jonno Procharavizan (SUPRO) together with Daridro Birodhi Moncha organized a national seminar on ‘Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Global Partnership Cooperation’ at National Pres Club on September 17, 2010 on the eve of celebrating MDG Convention on ‘One Decade of MDG’ organized by United Nation.

The main goal of the seminar was to influence the government, the UN and International agencies about releasing their declared promises, to pressurize them for unconditional development aid and cancellation of all debts to ensure just and fair trade opportunity and development partnership. The chief guest of seminar was renowned economist Dr. Quazi Kholiquzzan while the special guests were professor of economics and sociology Dr. Pias Karim, ActionAid Country Director Farah Kabir, director of UNMC Asia region and representative of UN Millenium Campaign Bangladesh Monisha Biswas participated in the seminar.
Bangladesh is not likely achieving poverty eradication according to the target although increased country growth as the chief guest said. He urged that to ensure proper utilization of own resources, maximization of tax revenues and foreign remittances. He further said that no need to take foreign loan if we can utilize foreign remittances and obtain duty and quota-free access to the developed countries. Dr. Pias Karim said that unequal distribution of domestic recourses, corruption and lack of accountabilities are the major causes of poverty. He urged for more democratization of government, intensive cooperation with the development partners to ensure rights, peace and justice.
To strengthen the role of civil society to raise voice to fulfill MDGs, the seminar was presided and moderated over by SUPRO chair Abdul Awal. The discussion papers presented by SUPRO deputy director Mohammad Sahidullah while Mohsin Ali-convener of Daridro Birodhi Moncha, Ahmed Swapon Mahmud-convener of Aid Accountability Group participated. The seminar also addressed by M A Quader-SUPRO General Secretary,  Monju Rani Pramanik,Executive Board Mmber of SUPRO, Daisy Ahmed, Motiur Rahman, M A Salam and, Hosne Ara Hasi Member of National Council of SUPRO and district Secretary Abdul Halim, Syeda Habiba. At the ending of the seminar Uma Chowdhury, director of SUPRO delivered thanks giving speeches and invited all to be united and straight forward to achieve the target of MDG by 2015.

In achieving Millennium Development Goals and global partnership cooperation, the demands of SUPRO:

  • Rich countries must fulfill their commitment to provide 0.7% of their national income;
  • Aid conditionality should be ended; Aid must not be tied with economic liberalization and privatization
  • Duty Free and Quota Free Market Access
  • Ensure free Movement of Bangladeshi semi-skilled and skilled Labor
  • Ensure employment opportunity of of Bangladeshi semi-skilled and skilled Labor through out the world
  • Stop donor interferences in country development planning and implementation
  • Ensure full Debt cancellation for Bangladesh;
  • Abolition of all forms of trade distorting subsidies by rich countries
  • Stop World Bank’s interference for the management of Climate Change Fund

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Duty free and Quota free market access has to be ensured for all Bangladeshi exportable goods & items to the Developed Countries

SUPRO has organized a human chain today (1st December, 2009) at Press Club, Dhaka on the occasion of the 7th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference that is going on in Geneva, Switzerland since 30 November 2009 which will be continued up to 2nd December 2009. In order to raise demand from the grass roots civil society actors, SUPRO has demonstrated a human chain program to make the global trade and business fair and also to ensure duty free and quota free market access of all Bangladeshi exportable goods & items to the developed countries.

SUPRO has mobilized civil society actors and its networking members to raise the grass roots voice and policy demands through this human chain program. In that human chain demonstration around 150 people stood together holding hand by hand at the Press Club, Dhaka for raising the policy demands with a view to flourishment of national economy of Bangladesh. Around 30-35 journalists and reporters from national daily newspapers, Representatives from Radio Today and BBC, Satellite Channel like as, ATN Bangla, Desh TV, Bangla Vision, Baishaki TV have also attended that program to disseminate the raised demands in the print and electronic media through out the country. Mr. Madahb Chandra Datta- National Council member of SUPRO, Manju Rani Pramanik- Executive Board member of SUPRO, Uma Chowdhury- Director of SUPRO and Mohammad Shahidullah- Coordinator of SUPRO have addressed in that human chain program focusing key demands of SUPRO. The speakers have stressed that in thename of liberalization of trade, the local industries should not be demolished. In this regard, fair trade policy is essential for Bangladesh.

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