img 1SUPRO has organized a Press Conference “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: DEMAND EQUALITY FOR ALL” on the eve of 3rd year anniversary SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal) promulgation in 2015 at DRU Auditorium. SUPROs Vice Chairperson Manju Rani Pramanik has chaired the press conference. SUPRO’s General Secretary M A Quader has read out the keynote paper. SUPROs national Council member Ahmed Swapan Mahmud has moderated the press conference.
SUPRO thinks, 2030 Aenda is such plans that will enhance world peace, prosperity of all peoples across the globe along with reduce hunger and all types of disparity. Hard core poverty is the main challenges of the world now and it is precondition of sustainable development.
Speakers also said in the press conference that Bangladesh is an advancing country with economic progress and prosperity in the marginal situation of global economy. To implement SDGs effectively it needs priority setting, policy formulation, fund raising, evaluation of the progress and government has the key responsibility to monitor these issues.

Coordinator within implementation process, monitoring and evaluation process government must urgently needs to accompanying private sectors, NGOs, CSOs, development partners, researchers and development activists for smooth implementation and fill the target of SDGs. We can have achieved the targets if we can go into this direction.

SUPROs Demands:

  • To create a partnership with the participation government, NGOs and private sectors very urgently
  • Have to prepare an inclusive work plan involving extreme distressed peoples of the society e.g. Dalits, harijans, indigenous community, ethnic minority and hard core poor
  • It is very essential to encourage private sectors for sufficient SDGs financing
  • Have to create a SDGs Desk in every District Commissioner offices in Bangladesh
  • Have to take appropriate programs for mainstreaming marginalized population in line with SDGs goals and associated targets
  • Have to keep NGOs and Private sectors in the programs of SDGs focal point in all the ministries
  • Have to severely involve marginalized peoples and general masses in coordination with Five Year Plan and Annual Development Plan to achieve SDGs goals
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