Lobby Meeting with Parliamentary Caucus and Parliamentary Member on National Planning and Budget


SUPRO Celebrates World Health Day (7 April 2015) at District & National Level

img_1.jpgSUPRO observed World Health Day 2015 in 45 districts and in national level concurrently. The theme of World Health Day from World Health Organization is "From farm to plate, make food safe". On ‘the eve of World Health Day SUPRO published a leaflet and circulated to grassroots level and nationally.

National Pre Budget Discussion Meeting 2015-16

img_1.jpgSUPRO organized its National Pre- Budget Discussion Meeting 2015 on 31st march 2015 at the daily star building. SUPRO prepared the recommendations after organizing pre-budget discussions in 45 districts across the country, to provide input to the next budget to be announced in June this year. Mr. Alison Subrata Baroi moderated the Discussion while Ms. Shamima Akhter Moonmoon gave welcome speech.

Sharing Meeting with Media on Budget Tracking

img_1.jpgOn 29 march 2015, SUPRO shared it’s budget tracking report at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in a media conference. Budget tracking is conducted to identify the policy and practice gap between budget allocation and expenditure, as well as to measure the performance of budget implementation. With a view to identify government deficits in provided essential services and to find out how allocated resources resulted in service delivery to the people, this tracking is performed.
Prf. Dr. Abu Eusuf, prominent teacher of Dept. of Development Studies of University of Dhaka presented the short version of the report. One field survey has been conducted at sadar Upozilla of Sylhet district for the purpose of the study/report.

Press Conference of Budget Alliance Group

img_1.jpgBudget Alliance Group (Budget Bisoyok Nagorik Morcha), a forum with representation of 27 development and rights organizations organized a press conference on 24 March 2015 at Conference Hall of Dhaka Reporters’ Unity. They pointed out following demands. Most of the organizations in the alliance have been advocating to prioritize poor and marginalized people’s especially farmers, laborers, indigenous people, physically and mentally challenged, dalits and women’s demand in the national budget process.


SUPRO Annual General Meeting 2015

img_1.jpgAnnual General Meeting (AGM) 2015 of SUPRO is held on 22 March, 2015 at STAR Centre of SUPRO office. Chairperson of SUPRO Ahmed Swapan Mahmud presided over the AGM and General Secretary of SUPRO, Arifur Rahman welcomed all members. Regulations of last meeting minutes was presented and approved in the AGM. Annual Program Report 2014 and Annual Financial Statement 2014 were approved.

SUPRO-National Convention 2015

img_1.jpgOn 21nd March 2015 SUPRO organized National Convention making the slogan “Human Rights-Development-Equity-Good Governance”. The National Convention was held at BBS Auditorium, BBS Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka. More than 250 SUPRO district committee members and local level civil society people from 45 districts of 7 divisions of Bangladesh along with SUPRO National Council Members has joined in this program.

National Public Gathering on Tax Justice with Garments Worker

img_1.jpgNational Public gathering held on the theme of ‘Ensure Tax Justice Ensures prosperity & Progress’ at national press club on 20th March 2015.
The program organize aiming to aware the marginal people about the tax they are paying everyday buying goods and commodities and claim for less tax on daily necessary good like grocery, fuel and agricultural products. Their opinion raised for more tax would be charged on luxury items and in the contrary the minimum tax would be imposed on daily commodities that people have to consume every day.

Domestic Resource Mobilization, Budget Governance and Tax Justice : Bangladesh Perspective

img_1.jpgMaster in Governance Studies (MGS) of DU, in association with the SUPRO and OXFAM, organized the seminar in Professor Mozzaffor Ahmed Chowdhury auditorium at Social Science Faculty, Dhaka University.
SUPRO’s general secretary & student of MGS Md Arifur Rahman placed the seminar paper & also placed a set of recommendations including implementing a fair, transparent and inclusive tax collection method to bring untaxed public in the government's tax net.

Capacity For Research And Advocacy For Fair Taxation (CRAFT) Project

img_1.jpgThe international CRAFT-(Capacity for Research and Advocacy for Fair Taxation) meeting was organized by Susashoner Jonny Procharavijan-SUPRO (Campaign for Good Governance) in association with Oxfam & Tax Justice Network-Africa at Hotel Sarina, Dhaka on 10-12th March 2015.

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